Innovation is Oxygen

Sep 2012
Joined the first batch of Microsoft Accelerator.

A great learning experience and time to test out parts of our hypothesis.
Dec 2013
The question 'where is the web heading?' guided us to our first web extraction tool, CoBeats. The internet is no longer just about a link to a page, but also the specific type of content on it and it's context.
Mar 2014
Beta version of CoBeats.
We reached our 10,000th user, all through word of mouth.
Dec 2014

CoBeats V1.0 with CoBeats Clipper.

The web clipper we built can break down a page into section and let the user pick and chose what to keep for themselves.


With CoBeats you can collect and keep your notes of any type and collaborate with teams of any size. Our WebClipper allows you to capture anything you want.

Product Productivity

Apr 2015

QueenBee is born.

Our internal tool to categorise the web page and it's parts under 8 different categories: Discussion, Music, Video, Product, Visual Image, Infographics, Article and News.


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Nov 2015
CoBeats + QueenBee = ❤

QueenBee joins CoBeats to help our customers find relevant articles for CoBeats. QueeBee became a recommendation engine for CoBeats.
20 K User. Zero Marketing.
Jan 2016

A new planet in space - InertSpace

Our learnings from CoBeats showed us a need for a private tool which could assist people in capturing the best of their primary interaction with the digital world, hence InertSpace was born.


Inert Space is a new kind of journal. It invites you to consider and capture some of the best moments of your life, privately and effortlessly.

Product Lifestyle

Mar 2016
A secret project, code-named: Project X is started.
Vision was to build a modular productivity tool for teams, taking ideas from CoBeats.
Apr 2016

We collaborated with UNESCO to do Asia's largest workshop on Dyslexia called UN-LEARN.

That was our first team outing in 4 years.


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Aug 2016

Hotserved a public platform for highly curated yet democratic collection of music and videos (this type of content is the rising layer of entertainment on the web) was launched.

Our 1000th user signed up for Hotserved on Day 1.


The most democratic music discovery platform in Indian subcontinent.

Product Music

Sep 2016

After having understood patterns in what one captures from the web and the context behind it, we wanted to test how these dynamics would play out in a group setting.

We joined hands with UNESCO to build a public platform for them where communities with shared purpose could interact and share resources.

It was built in a record time of 21 days.

Knowledge Commons

A community of disruptive thinkers, just like you, helping each other solve world problems through discussions and collaborative actions.

Product Social

Feb 2017

Project X has a name: DoSheets.

We saw that the most use of CoBeats was made by users utilising it towards a work related goal, also at that point we also wanted to test the grounds for generating revenue from our work.

A (really tough) decision was made to pivot CoBeats and turn it into a product to solely assist businesses in their work flow (specific focus on web workers) and DoSheets was released.


DoSheets makes your team super productive by organising all your discussions, files, web clips, task lists, meeting notes and documents at one place.

Product Productivity

Apr 2017
QueenBee takes the center stage.

QueenBee - is the engine running behind the scene across all our endeavours, it has access to a combined user data flow across a shared login system and creates a knowledge graph of relevant content on the web.
May 2017

We parse 50,000 links each week on all our products - our best till now.

We also reach 25,000 users, more than 5000 of which are using atleast 3 of our 4 products.

25K Users!

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is equivalent to Mar 2012 (We've just started!)